Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Night in Neverland

Peter Pan has made his way to the Frostburg campus. The wonderful story of “Peter Pan or the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up” was adapted by Matthew Earnest from J.M. Barrie and directed by Chris McCabe. The story starts in the nursery of Wendy, John, and Michael. Wendy would tell the most fascinating stories of Peter Pan’s adventures fighting pirates, mingling with mermaids, and local Indians. Peter Pan would visit the nursery to hear these stories of these wonderful adventures. That same night Peter came into the nursery looking for his lost shadow. As he stumbled over the furniture he woke
Wendy and her brothers. He told them of Neverland a place where “you never have to grow up.” The children were so exited but had no idea how to get there. Peter implies “you fly of course.” The audience’s eyes lit up as the performers lifted off the ground and into the air. The play embodied the story completely with actual flying stunts. It was an amazing experience seeing the character’s fly right above the audience’s head’s.   

They follow Peter into Neverland only to face the gruesome antagonist Captain Hook of course, trying to capture and kill Peter Pan. Hook wants to capture Peter Pan because he cut off his left hand and feed it to a hungry croc. The croc liked the taste of his hand so much he chase’s him to finish the rest of him.  Hook was dressed in a creative bright red jacket covered in buttons wearing his large captain hat. His crew was dressed in grungy outfits attending to the captain’s every demand. Captain Hook shouted for the crew to “fire the cannons,” but once again Peter out smarted the old Hook.  

The story of Peter is never complete without his gang of lost boys. The costumes where depicted as kids playing dress up in anything they could find in the house. They were dressed in plastic, string, fabrics, and a mix of objects. The lost boys Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, and the Twins all were immature and carefree kids following Peter Pan as there leader. Tinker bell is one of the cheekiest characters of the bunch. She was hot headed and jealous of Wendy and Peter’s relationship.

                The production Peter Pan was an amazing piece of work and very well performed.  Hannah Elliott says “l liked the play… I was shocked on how good it was.” She said, she did not expect the play to look as advanced as it did, but it was really good. Nick White also enjoyed the play he said “there where so many beautiful abstract colors. The play reminded me of my child hood days.” This play had plenty of memorable scenes, such as the action packed Peter Pan and Hook sword fight. Hannah Elliott also said her favorite quote was Peter Pan’s line “to die would be an awfully big adventure. “  The play Peter Pan is about a child hood dream becoming a reality and the character Wendy realizing the importance of growing up. If we can learn anything from this play it would be live your life as an adventure. Walt Disney always encourages his audience to believe that “the dreams that you wish will come true.” 


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