Monday, April 1, 2013

Never Too Old for an Easter Egg Hunt

Much fun was had this past Sunday as FSU's religious organization United Campus Ministry hosted a Easter Banquet for it's members as well as local church members of the St. John's Episcopal Church. Upon entering the fellowship hall, the wonderful smell of good food was in the air. As a college student living off campus with no meal plan, no one can tell you better that having a home-cooked from time to time is the highligtht of the week. There were arts and crafts, like Easter egg dying and coloring, layed out for people to do as they waited to be seated and fed. The first thing that occurred was the feast which involved a menu full of traditional American and Middle Eastern foods.

Before having a chance to devour the delicious meal, organization leader and faculty advisor Chaplain Cynthia Zirlott made everyone go around the table and talk about their Easter traditions starting with her own. She talked about how her family would always have green bean casserole, “it just wasn't a Zirlott family Easter without it." When everyone began to finish their meal, Chaplain went around to ask individuals how they enjoyed it, UCM member Neil Ralph explained how he didn't really like the chicken curry, “but the rice was good!” A short time afterward, an ice breaker called two truths and a lie was played among everyone at the table to get to know each other better.

Later on, there was an easter egg hunt in the sanctuary. With a full belly, the “itis”, and not much energy left, not everyone was reluctant to do it initially, but eventually we made way to the sanctuary to look for some eggs. Unfortunately, all the eggs were snatched up before many of us had the chance to get a single one. Whilst in the sanctuary, Chaplain Cindy proceeded to explain some of the symbols like a huge candlestick that was meant to burn all of Easter weekend and some flowers that were shaped like trumpets to symbolize the announcement of Jesus resurrecting from the dead.

The event ended with a drawing for Easter egg baskets, which yours truly happened to win one of. Of course, right away there were people trying to mooch off my winnings. One of my friends had the nerve to ask me “So Annabelle, you tryna give me some jelly beans?” But I was still a little dissatisfied at the fact that I didn't get the one with the coffee maker, oh well. 

All in all it was a fun and well planned experience. It was one of the best Easter's I had in a while, an Easter I won't be forgetting for a long time.

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