Thursday, April 4, 2013

Campus Photoshoot 4/4/13

Andrew Dougherty, Junior, Education  major, from Cecil County, Md. Andrew is in the Frostburg's University Store looking for a Rugby sweatshirt.
Daniel Faison, Sophomore, Art Major, from Philadelphia, PA.
  Is in the Lane Center watching a basketball game and checking his text messages.
Yared Zekarias, Freshmen, Education major, and is from Ethiopia. Yared is in the Lane Center dressed up for his birthday and is checking his text messages while waiting for his friend.

Osirus Babb, Junior and Matthew Woods, Junior stand at the presentation for the Martin Luther King Jr celebration in the Lane center around 6:30pm.

Kenny Anykude Junior, PG county, Lateef Gazel Jr P.G County and Randy Ogu Junior of P.G County. They are sitting on the 2nd floor in the library doing their home work and listening to music.

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