Monday, April 1, 2013

Scholar’s Day Reception: A Gathering of Talent

             Arriving at the Scholar’s Day Reception early in the morning around 8:30am, there were a few empty tables, with water jugs and some large coffee machines set up for the arriving scholars. At 9:30, however, the Performing Arts Center lobby at Frostburg State University was packed with prospective students and parents alike. Several departments across campus were representing their interests, sharing the possibilities our campus has to offer. Residence Life, the University Honors Program, and various representatives from Academic majors gave the visitors various pamphlets, information, and some interesting gifts. Many of the incoming high school students held bright red folders with the moniker “I’m going to Frostburg!” printed right onto the folder. Phillip Boch from the Honors Program commented on the students saying that “some of them looks like deer in the headlights.” Dr. Maureen Connelly also commented saying that “they all seem very eager.” Many of the tour guides used for Open House events were also at the event, lending their efforts to speak to the parents about Frostburg State University.

At around 10:00am, the atrium started to file into the Pealer Recital Hall to hear a couple of speakers from the Admissions office and major university staff on campus. After about thirty minutes, the students filed out, separated from their parents to be lead to their various majors and interests. The parents were led to a couple different discussions concerning finances and student life on campus.

While manning the bulletin board detailing the Honors Program and its benefits, discussions were well received by the students and the parents. There were many nods and affirmative “ooohs” and “ahhhs.” One students asked a barrage of questions; clearly, she was enjoying the absorption of this information. The students seemed to be enjoying the visit greatly, particularly when they were led into different groups based on majors and interests. Rachel Boch was quite pleased with her visit to the Theater Department: “They took us up into the catwalks, and we got to see the sound boards too.” Many students seemed to enjoy these visits, for they were able to get a sense of what Frostburg has to offer them as students.

After these visits, the students, staff and parents arrived at the ARMAH in the Lane Center for a lunch provided by ARAMARK, the company Frostburg State University utilizes for catering. ARAMARK featured a small selection of classic favorites such as Lasagna, Turkey with gravy, and Buttered Corn. The food tasted great, and the staff members were able to interact with a number of visitors. The conversations helped to clarify some questions about the campus, and it allowed for a greater understanding of how Frostburg works as a university.

This event was a great success. These prospective Bobcats were very well qualified, and they seemed like awesome people. All of the staff and faculty who attended the event certainly did an excellent job informing these students about the wonderful community and university that we attend.

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