Tuesday, April 2, 2013

February Event by Andy Luhmann

Delta Zeta brought together some of Frostburg’s finest to host their annual womanless beauty pageant on the Monday.   Twelve brave souls got up on stage and strut their stuff in front of 90 people at the Lane Center on the campus of Frostburg State University.  “The pageant’s main purpose was to raise awareness of women’s violence considering young college women are more affected then most others,” noted Vice President of programming Andrea Czajkowski.  Not only for entertainment, the presentation took specific time out to discuss the importance of this type of violence by using statistics and situational recognition.
When the first boy walked across the stage, it was easy to see that the crowd was going to enjoy their show.  Instead of the traditional modeling of women’s cloth by actual women, the 12 boys lucky enough to be selected walked down the stage wearing anything from dresses all the way to wigs. “It was awesome to see all of these guys put on girls cloths just to help with an important cause on our campus ” said Vice President of membership Myranda Tasciotti.  After showing off their greatest outfit, the guys answered questions about women’s violence after performing a unique talent.  Andy Krehbiel stole the show with his own rendition of “It’s Raining Men”, sending the fans into frenzy with his floral dress and long blonde wig. 
Even with the show being easily the most entertaining way to raise money, there were other ways along the road for people to help out the cause.  Each contestant was asked to make special baskets a week prior to the pageant that would be raffled out to anybody willing.  Baskets included everything from food and drinks to movies and music.  The twelve baskets were placed out with a cup for tickets to be dropped in.  Anyone could come up and put as many tickets as they wanted in a certain cup to improve their chances of being picked.  During the actual evet, baskets were passed around throughout to give the crowd a chance to add any extra bucks they may have to help the cause.  At the end of the day, 15% of the profit made from the event would go to the White Ribbon Campaign; one of the largest of it’s kind in the whole country.
Although the event’s main goal was to raise money and awareness for a worthy cause, a winner would need to be crowned out of the 12 contestants.    It all came to down to who raised the most money throughout the entire process.    The competition made things interesting as each contestant put their best face on while on stage.  It didn’t matter to them that they might have looked like fools in front of almost 100 people because in the end that was not the important thing.  The light-hearted attitude of these boys made an atmosphere that was easy for everyone to be a part of, whether they were a guy or girl.  It was gratifying to see the respect given from both parties in the light of such an important cause, even if it was on a minute scale.  In the end, the top performer from the night was also the grand winner as Andy Krehbiel raised the most money out of any other contestant.  “It was an experience I will never forget as long as I live.  It is an fantastic event that gets better and better every year”, exclaimed Krehbiel.  The girls of Delta Zeta can be proud of what they accomplished bring in a little over $400.  The only question now is how much will the girls raise next year?

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