Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Step Battle

"The Step Battle"
By: Sabrina Stone

On April 23, at 7 pm, the Frostburg student body held its annual So You Think You Can Step event. Students poured into Frostburg's Lane Center to sit back and watch the show. Tickets could be purchased at the ticket center and only cost $4. This event took place during Greek Week which is a time period for all the fraternities and sororities to come together and get to know one another. The fraternities and sororities were split into three teams: the red team, the green team, and the black team. Each team nominated certain people from their group to put on this very entertaining show. As the lights in the room went off, the music began.

            The first team on the dance floor was the red team led by Sarah Wampler who is a member of the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. Before beginning their performance Sarah stated how much of an impact the sorority has had on her college experience. She stated "When I first arrived here at Frostburg I only knew a handful of people, joining ASA was the best decision I've ever made. I have made so many new friendships that I know will last forever. In fact I consider the girls in my sorority more along the lines of family, they are my sisters." The bond shown between the individuals on stage was very inspiring. It is great to know that universities across the world have groups and organizations in place to assist with the transition into college. It is very challenging for college students to make this transition because it is in fact a drastic change in their life, and having a support group that is welcoming and caring makes this transition much easier. Sarah and the rest of the red team nailed their performance with dance moves and clever humor. The showed proceeded on featuring the black team, and then the green team. "Although it was a tough decision we have selected a winner" says Dr.Terrie Massie Berrell who was one of the three judges at the competition. The host collected the votes from the judges and eagerly hopped back on stage. "And the winner of So You Think You Can Step is…. the red team!" The crowd went wild whistling, hugging one another, and chanting "red team, red team, read team!" All of their hard work and time spent rehearsing finally had a purpose and they were thrilled.

            Frostburg student, Mariel Betskoff, was very enthused about the performance and talked about this experience making her want to join a sorority. "I transferred to Frostburg from Baltimore County and I had a really hard time with the transition. Simply by being in the audience at this event and seeing all the positive interactions between the different sororities and fraternities opened my eyes to exactly what I was missing out on. You are incorporated into a wonderful support group that acts as the family that I'm missing back at home. Next semester I will make joining a sorority one of my priorities."

            The groups and organizations set up at Frostburg are in place to provide support and outlets for students. So You Think You Can Step was a very successful event that brought the sororities and fraternities of Frostburg together.

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