Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chocolate: Nothing Else Matters

Easter is an exciting time for small children everywhere. Aside from all religious aspects associated with Easter, there are many fun activities that go with this holiday. Activities such as egg dyeing,  Easter baskets, the Easter bunny, and an immense amount of chocolate all go into making this holiday fun for kids.

Tanner Cane is proud of how
many eggs he found.
On Saturday morning, the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department held it's annual Easter egg hunt. The hunt was for children age 1-12. The kids are all split up into age groups and when the hunt is over the children turn in their eggs. The markings on the eggs determine what kind, and how much candy they win.Generally the hunt is held at the Grantsville park, but due to weather conditions, it was held indoors at the fire hall this year. Fireman John Durst said, "We always try to have it outside, but parents wouldn't be very happy with us if their kids came home muddy from head to toe."

The energy inside the building was intense. All of the kids had hopes of winning the biggest prize. Due to the hunt being held indoors, there was a limited amount of space for the children to move, so there were a few bumps and bruises by the end of the hunt. Tracy Frantz, mother of four year old
Clay Frantz, stated, "Clay definitely got knocked down a few times, but you'll have that whenever you put a bunch of kids in a room and just tell them to run around."

Despite the conditions, the kids all seemed to have fun and enjoy themselves. When asked how he felt about the hunt being held inside, 6-year-old Tanner Cane said, "I don't really care that I was inside, I still got candy." It's safe to say that conditions don't really matter to kids as long as they still get their chocolate.

Everyone is hoping that next Easter will be a lot warmer, and that the hunt can go back to being held at the town park. There is much more space at the park, and it makes the egg hunt more challenging.

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