Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We swim for Bob!

The second annual I swim for Bob day! took place on Sunday, April 21st, starting at 1:00 PM. The event had two purposes: to celebrate the memory of Robert "Bob" Norr, a former student of Frostburg State University who tragically lost his life in a Kayaking accident, and to raise money for the Robert A. Norr Presidential Merit Scholarship, a scholarship which was established for Recreation and Parks management students, those who share Robert's major.

Bob was not only an avid Kayaker, but also a member of the Frostburg swim team. He was well-known and liked throughout the school for his vitality, creativity, and energy, which he always brought with him wherever he went. He loved being in the water, and was also an avid fan of Water Polo, as well as racing in relays.

The second annual I swim for Bob day! featured both of these events, as well as music. The event started with speeches from Dr. Jonathan Gibralter, Robert's parents, and the presentation of the scholarship, to the lucky Rec and Parks management students.

After the speechs, the massive pool party began with an extremely intense game of Sharks and Minnows. There were four teams: Silver, White, Light Blue, and Blue. Silver and White were grouped together and played against Light Blue and Blue. After much swimming, the White/Silver brigade emerged victorious.

The second event was a large scale Water Polo game in the shallow end of the pool. Each team had a brigade of thirty members, possibly more, and dozens of miniature beach balls to get into the two goals at either end of the pool. It was a chaotic sight in the best way possible. The Blue Brigade emerged victorious in this one.

The final event was a series of relays, which Bob enjoyed participating in immensely. They varied from a T-Shirt relay, to a Canoe relay. The teams were evenly matched, but the Blue Brigade won in the end.

The closing ceremony involved thanking everyone for coming out and celebrating Bob's memory, as well as his life and his favorite activities, those that took place in the pool. The event ended with a big splash, literally; everyone in attendance did a group cannonball while wishing Bob a happy birthday. It was a true testament to the love that everyone who knew bob still feels for him, even if he is no longer here with us.

The event was a great one, one that should definitely stay for years to come. It not only celebrates one of Frostburg State's best and brightest, it also helps give money to other great, deserving students.

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