Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Break is Here!

For many people holiday breaks mean getting away from the essays and homework from their classes. On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, Frostburg State University students got an early break when FSU closed at 11:00 a.m. cancelling classes and events for students.

Many students went straight to bed. “I had just woke up and saw the message and then went back to bed immediately, said Zach Beck a junior at Frostburg State University. Others announced their joy to the world. One screamed “YESSSS!” in the hall of Frederick Hall.

People were happy about the cancellation, but with the cancellation brought good and bad consequences. Some people who pulled an all-nighter the night before were mad. A boy in the café said loudly to his friends, “I pulled an all-nighter for this test, only to find that we do not have it. Really!”

Others were glad that they had more time to write their essays and to pack for their journey home. Most people live two or three hours away. The snow was predicted to come but as of 12:30 a.m.  no snow had accumulated, just rain.

Some people got out as soon as they could to not run into the snow storm. Outside of Frederick and West Hall students were saying “Have a good thanksgiving break” to their friends as they drove off to go back to their home, which for many is Montgomery or Prince George’s County.

Other still stuck in their dorms went straight to packing and getting new clean clothes. “I need to get my laundry done before someone puts it on top of the dryer, said Veronica Williams, a sophomore majoring in Law and Society at Frostburg State University.

People carried laundry baskets left and right trying to get their laundry done and get out of their dorms before the storm hit. Others who were not leaving after 4 were praying and hoping that they didn’t get stuck here. “I am ready to go home. I need to leave, said Tony Williams, a Information Technology major and junior at Frostburg State University.

People are ready for Thanksgiving. Many people wanted some turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving is just around the corner on Thursday. In the café, many people couldn’t wait for some turkey. “I want some turkey, not meatloaf,” a girl said to her friend as she picked up the meatloaf and put it on her plate.”

Many students had not had a home cooked meal since August and will be waiting to come home to their family. For the exchange students many will look forward to seeing more parts of the United States. “I am looking forward to going on a four day trip to Boston over the break,” said Winifred Chang, a foreign exchange student from Taiwan.

Others will be looking forward to sleeping and relaxing, something some students have not been getting. “I want to sleep and not wake up till Sunday,” said an athletic guy to his friends in the cafe.

Furthermore, when students go back from break it will be December and finals will just be around the corner and for some it will be there last semester. “I will miss the overall college life and having fun, said Gavin Pieria, a senior at Frostburg State University. Overall, students should enjoy their break maybe there will be a snowy Thanksgiving.

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