Sunday, November 24, 2013

Barefoot in the Park Warms up Icy Cold Frostburg.

Barefoot In the Park Warms up Icy Cold Frostburg

Friday night, Frostburg State University’s theater and dance department did the Neil Simon play “Barefoot in the Park”. The play was directed by Frostburg’s own Dusty Shaffer and starred Haley Schott and Fred Ramsey. “Barefoot in the Park” is a romantic comedy that centers on a newlywed couple who just finished their 6-day honeymoon. Corie Bratter played by Haley Schott, is an adventurous  woman who goes with the flow while her husband Paul Bratter played by Fred Ramsey, is a by the books man who is hoping to move up the ladder at the law firm that he works at.

The play was acted beautifully, with every actor and actress playing their part to the fullest. The stars of the play were amazing, but what captured the audience’s attention the most was the supporting cast. Victor Celasco the eccentric upstairs neighbor who apparently has done everything in the world, was brilliantly played by Elenilson Ayala-Orellana. Every time he appeared on stage, the audience was on the edge of their seat, trying to guess what outlandish thing that he would say next. Corie’s mother, Mrs. Banks, played by Kristen Demers was at the beginning of the play the foil to her daughter’s adventurous behavior. As the play went on she began to see things from her daughters perspective and eventual began a romantic relationship with Victor Celasco.

The crutch of the play was the building tension between the newlyweds. Corie who simply wanted to enjoy life with her husband began to fight with her husband whose focus was mostly on work and their crappy new apartment. When Victor Celasco made his appearance, Corie began to act more like him and wanted to do things that he did. Paul stayed on his course, rebuffing the eccentric Celasco while begrudgingly following his wife’s lead.

This all came to head in the closing moments of the play when the two begin to argue. At the end of the argument, Corie declares that she wants a divorce. Paul was stunned, and attempted to repair things, but he in the end gave in. Things are resolved when Mrs. Banks comes back from her romantic evening with Mr. Celasco. Corie realizes her mistake and her mother comforts her and gives her the advice that she needs. Paul comes back to the apartment drunk and after a short conversation, which included Paul going up to the window seal and standing outside in the snow, the two reconciled.

While leaving Sarah Winter, said “That was amazing, I didn’t know Frostburg did plays that were so great.” Her mother Kristen agreed with her daughter, “That was fabulous; I’m definitely going to be coming to their next play. Would you know when that is going to be exactly?” “Barefoot in the Park” was amazing and everyone should have experienced it. 

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