Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving at Frostburg State University

Thanksgiving is a time which everyone looks forward to, the smell of turkey and various other delicious foods fill houses each and every holiday. But some people aren't able to enjoy these luxuries every year, what about those who aren't able to make it home for the holiday? Not every student from Frostburg is able to make it back home for a number of different reasons, whether it be responsibilities at school, not having a ride back or even due to bad weather, which isn't uncommon in the frosty mountains and its unpredictable weather. Frostburg State University has a number of accommodations for such situations, one of them being a Thanksgiving dinner which is offered in the Lane Center in the Armah room located downstairs. For only  $5 someone who is missing out on the cheers of the holidays, can get a nice Thanksgiving style turkey dinner with fellow faculty and students experiencing the same misfortune. Everything from the mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, macaroni and cheese, pumpkin pie, ham, and of course the traditional turkey its self is offered at the holiday event.
Many students were in attendance and they all seemed to have the holiday cheer, Diaka Sow a senior Political Science major, was in attendance for the festivities. “I think its great what the university is doing. Its very thoughtful that the school is keeping the students who aren't able to make home to their families for thanksgiving. Typically im always home for Thanksgiving, its a priority to me to be with my family for the holiday but due to my situation at the moment I wasn't able to make it back. But i‘m really happy i‘m able to at least be able to share Thanksgiving with some of my friends here from school.“ This seemed to be the general feel of the event, most students shared a similar view on the matter. Jontue Butler, a junior Accounting major, thought very highly of the event and especially the food offered. “Of course its not exactly what im use to back at home but the food is actually pretty good. As a guy who loves his turkey, im more than satisfied with all the food here.“ Several plates were on the table so its was pretty clear that Jontue had certainly got his moneys worth. “For five bucks you cant really beat it, you are able to get as much as you want so i‘m definitely going to take advantage and bring a plate or two back to my room for later on.“
Many students who attended weren't solely there on their own behalf, students like Marc Reading, a senior Math major was in attendance to gather food for some of the less fortunate.  “Even though the school put together this Thanksgiving gathering, I have some friends who can afford to even come here and get food, so pretty much i‘m just doing what I can to help them out.“ It just goes to show you that the Thanksgivings spirit lives and moves in a number of different ways. Just remember, always be thankful.

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