Saturday, November 2, 2013

Frostburg Halloween Parade

    The local families of Frostburg gathered around the deserted Main Street as as the sun sank below the small shops like a theatre right before the show starts. Every year the parade helps welcome Halloween into its little town. One of the honor guards, Bob Coburn, explains that the parade has been going on for around thirty years and he has been marching in the parade for the past twenty-five years. He says that it brings the community together to honor the local fire and police departments. Children dressed up and looked up at the brightly lit fire trucks and SUVs hoping for the passengers to throw out cavity inducing treats. The local high school, Mountain Ridge high, marching band showed off its parade spirit and even Ms. Frostburg made an appearance.

     The parade also served to promote local politicians like the Maryland congressional candidate Dan Bongino. The little Ali Ghan Motor Corps yellow carts buzzed by along with their red Sayara Unit counterparts, and wherever there are karts racing around, Mario “Jumpman” Mario isn't far behind.

     After asking a number of Frostburg locals but no one seemed to be able to tell me exactly when and why the parade started. Even though the meaning behind the parade has been lost in the number of decades of its lifetime, it still bring joy and livens up the town before the coming of winter. It prepares locals for the coming of costume children and spooky decorations and other Halloween traditions. 


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