Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Basement Transformed: Allen Halls Halloween Palooza

While “fun” might not be the first thought that comes to mind when college students think of a residence hall basement, Allen Halls Halloween Palooza goal was to change that perception. The event started with a Halloween contest that encouraged many students on campus to step out of their comfort zones and wear something that was original. Stan Higman, a Freshman at Frostburg and a worker at the Lane Center was very adamant about being original for the contest. “I really wanted to enter the contest with a new look that no one would ever dream of doing,” said a confident Higman who entered the contest with  neon, green sunglasses and booty shorts that said “twerk.” 

                            Stan Higman's Halloween costume that he entered in the Halloween contest

The event also included a dance party that allowed students to have fun all night as a student DJ played a variety of music. Surprisingly, the DJ was a student by the name of Deion Young, and he was very shocked at how well people responded to him. “I am really passionate about music and it made me excited to see that people enjoyed what I had to offer,” said a visible happy Young who admitted to hoping to do more events. Along with the music and contest, students also had the opportunity to try apples that were covered in homemade caramel.
Madi Storey, a sophomore and chemistry major helped create the caramel that was put on the apples during the event. Storey was very proud about the outcome of the caramel and referred to it as “almost as good as the stuff in the store.”  Many students agreed and the majority responded positively to the caramel treat. Overall, the event achieved its goal with giving college students an alternative activity during a busy Halloween weekend.

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