Friday, November 1, 2013

FSU Relays for.... Everyone

By Keith Davidson, ENGL 336.001

On October 30, Frostburg State University’s section of Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) held a kick-off event for the annual Relay for Life event scheduled from April 25 and 26 at Bobcat Stadium. The kick-off included information sessions, a costume contests, games, and a birthday celebration.

Marissa Castillo, president of CAC, began the meeting by announcing the theme of the year which is “Superheroes” and showing a video of FSU students staining the reason why they participate in relay. Following the video, Castillo said, “This is just the first video we put together. We would like for each of you to go back to your teams and make a ‘Why you Relay’ video of your team members.”

As one of the big components of Relay is donating money to the American Cancer Society (ACS), a big topic on everyone’s mind during the evening was how to raise funds. Katie Morgan, the fundraising chair for CAC, encouraged everyone to “get creative with fundraising and don’t just do bake sales.” 

One creative fundraising idea that was handed out to all the team captains at the meeting was a piece of paper with the word “HOPE” printed on it. However, it was more than just the word as each letter of the word was broken down into smaller squares with a statement listing a donation pledge. Anyone participating in the fundraiser can simply hand the sheet to someone and ask them to pick a box, donate, and sign the box with their name. Amounts of donation vary from $1-$10 with some pledge boxes contain sayings such as “4 quarters for cancer prevention education” or “$2 to ‘Save the Boobies’!”

Fundraising may be a component of relay, but it is important to remember that it is not the only component. Relay is also about drawing awareness to cancer, remembering those we have lost, and celebrating the fight of those who survived. Survivors play a huge role in Relay, and because of the challenges they have faced they are given the honor of leading the first lap or the event.

Michelle Giambruno, who is coordinating survivor events this year, encouraged everyone at the meeting to try and get at least one survivor to sign up to join their team. Giambruno recognized that many individuals in the room had family members or friends back home who had been touched by cancer, but would not be able to attend the event. However, not being able to attend Relay is not a problem. Giambruno says, “If your hero is off saving the world, have him or her sign up for your team and an advocate can walk for them.”

Participants of the 2013 Relay for Life event at Frostburg State University are led around Bobcat Stadium by cancer survivors for the first lap of the event. (FSU News and Media Services)
Following the information sessions, a costume contest in honor of Halloween was held and attendees were able to participate and a quiz show style game for Relay related prizes. In addition, the birthday of CAC President Castillo was celebrated with cake.

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