Saturday, November 30, 2013

Novermber Study Abroad Event

        On Friday, November, 22, Victoria Gearheart,director of Center of International and ten other students gathered together in the basement of Fuller Hall for some insight on how, when, and where to study aboad. Ms. Gearheart,  along with  junior students, Latoya Evans and Kate Stevenson shared their experiences abroad. Ms. Gearheat lived in China for a semsester during her college years and stated "it was an incredible experience. She initially thought the language barrier would lessen her experience but wound up enjoying the foreign language. She said convincingly, "do not let a difference in languages dictate where you would like to study abroad." She eventually learned some of the language, and met chinese people who spoke English as well. She said that being far from home forced her to embrace the cultral differences of China and the US.

           Latoya Evands studied abroad in Spain during spring semester of 2012. She is a business administrator major, and "the face" of the study abroad program. On most days, she can be spotted in the Lane Center, answering students questions, and helping them, decide the best and most economic programs abroad. She initially wanted to live in Madrid, but ended up living in Madrird, which she explained was all for the better. She said " I actually didn't like Madrid when I went to visit. It was boring and was nothing like I lived." Latoya lived off campus and had to travel short distances to and from school. She stated that "living off-campus was a really good experience. I met different people and got to explore the real Culture of Spain." Latoya is planning to travel to 12 different countries by boat and earn College credit this following summer.

          Kate  Stevenson, foreign language major and second year junior  at Frostburg State University, studied abroad in Mexico this past summer, and exclaimed "it was the ultimate experience." Kate lived with an exchange family and  had the pleasure of "learning Spanish from sun up to sun down. " Kate traveled each morning,  at 9am, during the weekday, and studied Spanish until 3pm in the afternoon. She stated, that at times it was a bit overwhelming , but worth It over all."...I got to eat some of the best foods I ever ate in my life," she announced with a laugh. Kate says that she is proud to be graduating late, thus this gives her another opportunity "to study abroad for free one last time." Next semester she is returning to Mexico to study again. When myself, and two other curious students asked what when should we study abroad, she said jokingly, "don't let graduating get in the way of when you choose to go abroad, I mean, we all end up graduating two years late anyway."

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