Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April Event- Ice Cold

 Ice Cold Men
By: Elisia Daniels

By: Elisia A Daniels

On March 1st, 2013, the Ice Cold Men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity graciously invited the students and community of Frostburg to their initiation ceremony. Around this time last year, three young men were just being initiated and celebrated their huge accomplishment with the students of Frostburg State University. Now a year after, men of Alpha Phi Alpha welcomes six new members to this prestigious fraternity.

Formally known as a probate show, this event was specialized to have newly initiated members of an National Pan-Hellenic Council group perform step routines and reveal themselves to the public after their intake period. Most of the time, what is recited at these events is the history of the organization. How well these individuals remember information and reciting it fast always amazes the crowds.

Roughly around 9:06 in the evening, six young men marched in the Lane University’s Center Alice R. Manicur Assembly Hall. To the right shows the order in which the men marched in to the audience. First we have Donovan A. Daniel, Chimaobidike D. Iweh, Ronnie K. Hammond, and Kenny C. Anyikude as the “tale” of the line. These young individuals were dressed very professional. They wore black dress pants, black dress shirts, and a black tie to compliment their attire; however, their true identity was hidden behind masks.

To the left is a close up picture of what their masks looked like. Throughout their performance and their “coming out ceremony,” there was a lot of unity. The routines that were practiced were sharp and in synced. Each time these men performed a new routine; the crowd would rave and cheer on their favorite person. Much of what was expected of these young men seemed to satisfy the audience.  Not only was history recited, but also these men put on a little twist to their show. They imitated beats to popular songs and eventually added their own lyrics to it in relevance to their initiation process. Despite the overwhelming of vulgar and inappropriate language that was present, these men still came out strong. Their dedication and commitment to their organization was present and enjoyed by the audience.

These new members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity ended their show by exposing who they are. Each person, one by one, eagerly took off their masks and humbled the audience with an interesting fact about themselves. Once introductions were complete, the men then huddled and truly showed their brotherly compassion to the audience.

There is always an interest meeting at the end of each spring semester and beginning of the fall semester for those truly dedicated men, willing to work. If interested, get to know the organization to see if it is a perfect fit for you.

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