Wednesday, May 1, 2013

United for the Cause

Frostburg State University's students and staff gathered together on April twenty-sixth to support finding a cure for cancer in the event titled, "Relay for Life." Over sixty-four thousand dollars was raised and over eight-hundred people participated. The top company to donate was Greeks at FSU, with a total of $11,289.43. The top participant was Samantha Basile, who rose $1,690. Samantha states, “My reason for participating in a Relay For Life event is personal. My dad was diagnosed in 2012 with a Nasal Melanoma. He underwent Cyber Knife Radiation treatments and in December was scanned and it appeared the cancer was gone. Unfortunately in February of this year we found out that the cancer had metastasized to the Liver and Lymph Nodes. He received one Chemo treatment but unfortunately the Cancer was too far spread. He is now home with Hospice care and the love and support of family and friends. I am in hopes that although my dad will soon lose his battle with this insidious disease that I might in some small way help someone else from losing their battle. I hope that one day there will be a cure for all Cancer.

Cancer starts when abnormal cells grow out of control. Normal cells grow, divide, and die, while cancerous cells continue to grow and create more abnormal cells like it. As a cancer cell grows it pushes nearby organs; this pressure may cause the signs of cancer. The disease is not contagious, but it can be transferred from one body to another in the event of an organ transplant. When a patient is about to receive an organ, doctors place said patient on medications that weaken the immune system so that it doesn't attack the new organ being placed inside. Therefore; cancer cells from the organ enter the body.

Cancer survivor Colleen shared her story for Relay on the website: "I will proudly walk the Survivors Lap at Relay For Life this year! On January 29, 2007, I got the news that no one wants to hear: You have cancer. As many can attest to, I was sick, angry, scared, devastated, and the list goes on. Mine is colon cancer. After surgery that took eight inches of my lower colon, I thought everything was behind me, and I walked proudly and emotionally in my first Relay For Life in June 2007 during the Survivors Lap. My family was with me and presented me with roses as I finished that lap. It was a wonderful feeling of pride and excitement about what this diagnosis DID NOT take from me. In February 2008, I went for my one-year follow-up colonoscopy, expecting that I would graduate to less frequent colonoscopies. Unfortunately, my worst fears were confirmed when I heard the word 'recurrence'. Although I was not able to participate in Relay last year because I was undergoing chemotherapy, I will proudly walk the Survivors Lap at Relay For Life this year! Relay For Life is a great way for all of us to recognize that cancer does not have to stop our lives. It's just a battle that can be won... one day at a time" -Colleen.

Michele and her son Eli
The top team to donate, with a total of $9,378, was Chele's Stars. Whitney Glotfelty, co-team captain with Renatta Glotfelty, states, "Chele's Stars was made in honor of my (Whitney) aunt Michele Glotfelty Eggleston who lived a beautiful, caring, and thoughtful life. She joined the ranks fo the angels after battling pancreatic cancer in her early forties. She left behind a kind and dedicated husband, Matt, and two young boys, Eli and Ian, who help tirelessly with the efforts of Chele's Stars each year. This team is comprised of many friends and family of Chele, who we know is smiling down on us each year as we take strides toward ensuring that one day the words "you have cancer" are extinct." 

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