Saturday, May 4, 2013

April Event Coverage- Andy Luhmann

Andy Luhmann

April Event Coverage

            For a select group of Frostburg State students, being part of an organization is what defines them through their four years of college.  These are the type of people that need to be doing something at all times of the day to make sure they are maximizing their potential on campus.  On Tuesday April 30th, there was a workshop for anyone in said organizations wishing to make the process easier. Whether that was coming up with new ideas for fundraising or finding simpler ways to get their word out, this workshop would help these busy students slow things down.

            From the moment the meeting started, it could be seen that it was one of the more popular events in recent memories.  This is something that could surprise people considering majorities of the time there are only a small group of people at workshops like this.  The one thing that stood out because of this was how many Frostburg Students are involved with organizations during their time here.  “Being involved with the University in other ways then just being a student makes me feel more well-rounded as a person,” notes Junior Malory Brunett.  As these kids are turning into adults, they are learning valuable life lessons in ways they wouldn’t if they weren’t involved in such organizations.

            Not only were there a higher number of people in attendance then most thought, but also these students were actively involved in the workshop.   Asking questions at appropriate times, and taking notes when needed.  The speaker’s main goal was to help these students improve their accessibilities for advertising in a way that would take away most of the stress involved with the process.  Junior Phil Hess mentions, “It was refreshing to learn about ways to improve each of our distinct organizations by people that have been through it already.”  With pages on social media cites like twitter and Facebook, Frostburg has many ways for organizations to get their word out to the public. 

            The best part of whole evening was being able to see hundreds of different students, involved with different groups working together under a common goal.  In a time where people always seem to not have enough time, these kids took it upon themselves to make time to get better. For such a small event, to see the numbers that showed up simply means that for Frostburg State students, their involvement in on and off-campus organizations is very important to them.  Whether it’s gaining new brothers or sisters with Greek life, or teammates for life when involved with athletics, students are passionate enough to keep learning.  “When the school offers something like this, I will come every time just because it gives me the opportunity to better myself, and my group,” exclaimed Andrea H Czajkowski.   This type of attitude is the reason that Frostburg State continues to climb as one of the best in state schools offered in Maryland.  When people jump on the opportunity to learn, there is not much that they can’t do if they work for it.

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