Monday, May 5, 2014

Women's Lacrosse Senior Day

Saturday afternoon the Frostburg women’s lacrosse team played their last game of the season against rival school, St. Mary’s. The stands were packed and everyone had already begun chanting things at the players. There were tie-dye banners hanging on the bleachers in honor of the two seniors, Megan White and Brittney Miller.

Before the game started the two seniors were walked across the field by their families while the announcer announced their statistics and the highlights of their lacrosse careers. Both girls sobbed as it started to hit them that this was their last lacrosse game ever.

The girls were yelling, hitting each other’s sticks and giving chest bumps trying to bring out the intensity. The whole team was playing for their seniors that day and having a bad game was not an option.

Team captain’s Mom, Mrs. Hart said, “I know they don’t have the best record, but they need us today girls so cheer your heart out today”! as she handed out pom-pom’s and cow bells to everyone.

Everyone walked out to their positions ready for the first draw. Within minutes the opposing team got three goals but the girls didn’t put their heads down yet.

Junior midfielder, Malory Brunett answered back by winning the draw and passing it to senior, Brittney Miller, who got the first goal of the game. The stands were shaking from the fans jumping up and down. Brittney was the first player to get back in her position ready for the next draw; she was ready for the Bobcats to have a comeback. After getting two more goals against them, the freshman twins scored back-to-back goals. They ended the half with a score of 12-3 but still looked determined. During half time the team did not even have their usual talk with the coach, instead they got in pairs and did partner passing so they could keep their heads in the game and focus on their skills.

The bobcats came out on fire and the other team only scored 4 goals the entire second half. The game ended dramatically when Senior Megan White had the ball on the attacking end with 2 seconds left, She took the last shot and missed. She dropped to her knees in tears and the whole team ran to her for support.

Adria Graham, the athletic trainer graduate assistant commented, “It sucks Megan White missed that goal, but she should be proud of how good the team played together today”.

The game ended with a score of 16-7 but even though they lost, they were ecstatic because they played a great game. Brittney Miller walked off the field with a smile on her face, “Playing lacrosse was the best thing I ever did, I’m so sad that it’s over but I had my time and I made great memories, I can’t ask for anything else”.

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