Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Resident Assistant Banquet

Resident Assistant End of the Year Banquet

The end of the year Resident Assistant Banquet is a time to reflect back on a successful semester and to honor certain individuals who went the extra mile or were unsung heroes. The banquet was on Sunday, May 4th at 5:00 P.M at the Frostburg City Pavilion. All the RA’s from the traditional halls and Edgewood Commons were in attendance with their Head Residents and Assistant Directors. A Resident Assistant is someone who helps residents transition from high school to college by finding out what the needs of the residents are. The RA helps each resident socially, academically, and personally.

Jake Esposito, Head Resident of Edgewood Commons Apartments said, “every RA has to program… using the SMILE Model. SMILE is an acronym for scholastic, multicultural, involvement, lifestyle, and engaging.” Through these programs the residents build a community and engage one another. The Pavilion was decorated in a Mexican theme with various people wearing sombreros. The tables had Mexican themed table cloths with chips, salsa, piƱatas, and candy on it. 

As the banquet began each person was eating food by D’atri’s Restaurant, which is located in Lavale, Maryland. As time went by each hall split up to give out their own staff awards. “I’m hoping to win the RA of the year award”, said Rasheed Howard. He also mentioned he won the award last year. As other awards has been given out everyone was on edge wondering who was going to be the recipient of the “RA of the Year” award. Everyone in the Edgewood staff looked around anxious while their HR Jake takes out the next award. He pauses for ten seconds then said, “The winner is….. Brandon Richardson.” Some people cheered, while others had reserved excitement. 

The Resident Directors called all the halls back to the pavilion to give out the rest of the awards. It was announced that Edgewood Commons received the best staff award. Aiesha Hooper, who is a Resident Peer Mentor in Edgewood was shocked to have won the award. “When does Edgewood win an award?” she exclaimed. Paige Hawkins, an Annapolis Hall RA received the “Unsung Hero” award. The unsung hero award is awarded to an individual who does certain things behind the scenes. A person that interacts with their residents and truly gets to know them, who assist other co-workers with programs while they do not receive the credit for the program. Her staff applauded her accomplishments, while a few RA’s from other 
staffs joined in and shouted cheers. 

As the graduating seniors were recognized for their service as an RA the evening began to become shift. For some it was starting to become real that they were losing a coworker but gaining a friend. As the evening wrapped up the winners of each award took pictures with the Assistant Directors of the Residence Life Office. Others took pictures just to save as memories. The night ended with a slideshow of all the programs put on by all the RA’s. 

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