Monday, May 5, 2014

Rain or Shine Cinco de Mayo Must go on!

April showers did not bring May flowers on May 5th but that did not stop the University Programming Council from hosting their “Cinco de Mayo” event at 7pm in the Lane Center. Casey LiCausi, a member of UPC stated “I am so glad people still came today. I was worried the rain would scare people off.” Senior Frank Taylor mentioned there was a line waiting to get in before the event even started!
Walking into the ARMAH, Spanish music surrounded the room and round tables on risers greeted those in groups and by themselves.
There were activities like decorating your own sombrero and even your own set of maracas! There was also sand art and not to mention the most important part of any event… the food.

“When I saw there was no more food, I said jeez the weez!” junior Ryan Jones [pictured] started laughing as he said it. His friend Sierra Mesas mentioned the rest of the event was fun but the food was gone really quick.”
Lately, food has been an issue Frostburg State University events. With ARMARK leaving, some things have changed.
“I ordered a specific amount of chips and salsa and the lady said that was 4 gallons… it did not even look like half of what I ordered!” senior Kelly Bean exclaimed.
This Cinco de Mayo event was hosted by Kelly Bean, a member of UPC and will be her last event hosted by her before she graduates.
The atmosphere soon changed and everyone’s thoughts about their rumbling stomach’s soon vanished. A dancer with long brown curly hair and a vibrant colored polka dot dress begins to dance and clap her hands together. All at once, she starts dancing and making her way around the room. Marsha was her name [pictured,] and another instructor that arrived with her was Barbara Bernstein. They together work at Dance and Time in Maryland and DC. For more information go to dance in time
The remainder of the evening, everyone heard “Cut the music!” “5,6,7,8” “Dame!” These were the phrases
shouted while Barbara taught and demonstrated different styles of Spanish dances to the guests at the event.
“I can’t do it, really. She does it really good. My feet don’t double tap,” Meredith Miller says laughing.
Surprisingly enough, including Meredith, mostly guys
were the ones that volunteered themselves on the dance floor!
With race, gender and ethnicity aside, the students came together to learn, laugh and dance with each other to a salsa dance for the Cinco de Mayo event of 2014. 

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