Friday, March 1, 2013

Story Slam Scuffle

The creative writing center’s annual story slam was rudely interrupted by drunken debauchery .A fight almost broke out amongst the usually docile English enthusiasts at Dante’s last night. Unsuspecting spectators watched in pure terror and discomfort as two drunken fellows caused the Slam to be shut down for an extended period of time. “It was frightening!” said 3. Am society member Ruth LaCourse, “You could literally cut the tension with a knife. Wait, does that sound clichéd?”

The incident in question though didn't seem clichéd as much as it did surreal. Teacher and Story slam ringleader Gerry LaFemina tried to peacefully deal with the two story slam crashers, but the situation turned everything but peaceful. A few beers probably past their limit, the two drunks continued to refuse to pay the simple two dollars to stay and watch the show. After multiple insults from both parties it had looked like the situation was diffused and the drunken duo left and went on their way or at least had retreated to the bar. However, this was merely just the calm before the storm.The combustibility in the air was worsened when one of the contestants of the slam, clearly intoxicated, brought one of the crashers on stage for an impromptu story read. This however was cut short, and the contestant started to sweat as he was told that he would have to wait for the judges before he could start reading. With liquid courage pumping through his veins he declared into the microphone: “Fuck the judges! It’s about getting our voice out there!” His comment continued to ring throughout the room like a gun shot. At this LaFemina handed the winners of the one round their winnings before he left and the event was seemingly shut down.

However, the slam did actually proceed due to the efforts of Michelle Yost who, with the help of the other judges, was able to turn the situation around and end up finishing the other two rounds. The tenseness of the situation though lingered in the contestant’s voices and stories. The culmination of that feeling happened when the contestant that sided with the men responsible for the disturbance got up on stage and issued an apology rife with awkwardness and booze fueled smugness. The judges responded to the dis-tasteful apology by awarding him with all zeros.

Although Corey Olgelsby ended up winning the event, the moment unfortunately still seemed overshadowed by the controversial events that plagued the slam before it restarted. “All I could think about was that fight. I mean, it literally almost happened right in front of me,” said Michelle Queen. 

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