Sunday, March 31, 2013

He is Risen

"He is Risen"
By: Sabrina Stone

            Across the world today, March 31st, many people are celebrating Easter. A day where Christians rejoice Christ rising from the dead and proving to be the Savior he had claimed he was all along. Easter festivities vary and could include any of the following: attending a church service, participating in an egg hunt, dyeing hard boiled eggs, or gathering and having a meal with family members. Also anyone who had taken part in lent was able to indulge themselves today with whatever they gave up for the forty day span between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

            Me and my family have been lucky enough to attend the annual Back River United Methodist Church sunrise service for the past several years. It is a beautiful service opened to the public every Easter morning. The service starts at 6am. Instead of having service in church it is held outdoors at Rocky Point Park. The address for this location is 2200 Rocky Point Road Essex MD 21221.

            Before service starts coffee and donuts are offered to everyone. Lory Cantin is the Reverend there and she is a very powerful speaker. She quoted early off in the sermon "God has a plan for every individual sitting here in front of me today. It is important to have a relationship with God to avoid losing sight of this plan." She is very inspiring and tries to blend personal examples and experiences with biblical lessons. The message being presented seems so much more meaningful when you can apply it to something personal. Another important member of the service is a dog named Opi.

Opi is the usher during the sunrise service. Erinn Robinson, a member of the church stated, "I dont like dogs, but I love Opi." I have never seen a dog around that many people act so gentle and calm. Much less a dog that runs around with a basket in his mouth collecting money!
Special music is also offered during the service thanks to a long time church member named Barb Thomas. After she sang "They Could Not" it seemed as if the entire congregation was at ease and completely content. The birds were flying across the bay, chirping and eating. Barb stated "I have sang in many different places in front of many different people but this will always be my favorite." After the final message was given we began singing the last song during which the sun started peeping out from the horizon. They time the sunrise perfectly with the order of the service so it is a beautiful end to a wonderful service.         
           Back River United Methodist church sunrise service is something to seriously consider next Easter if you happen to be in the Baltimore area. Even after the service is over you can explore the park and the nature within in. It is a total of 375 acres that overlooks the Chesapeake Bay. There are several picnic areas, pavilions, and shaded groves to sit around and reminisce or chat with family and friends once the service is over. There are also a couple playgrounds, a volleyball court, and a fishing pier if you enjoy physical activities or have children. It has always been a worthwhile service that I would encourage anyone strongly to go check it out. For more information about Back River United Methodist Church click here to visit their website.

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