Thursday, March 28, 2013

SGA Meeting 3/28/2013

            On Wednesday, March 28, 2013 at 7:30pm the SGA had a meeting in the Lane center. During this meeting, there were 23 people in the panel which were called the senate. There were also 30 people in the audience which was called the gallery. During this meeting they first started off with the people from Aramark. Aramark is the place that provides the food on the Frostburg campus. Aramark is in charge with the food in Lane, Chesapeake, Subzero and Cat Trax. During this first part of the meeting, people were able to speak and tell what they thought about the food on campus.

            “Why is meal plan taking away on Sunday in the Lane center?” said RJ.

In response to his question, the people in charge of Aramark stated that there has not been a meal plan in Lane for over 3 years. They also stated that a meal plan in Lane on a Sunday is not supposed to occur and it is not set by the University. Many of the Frostburg students had a lot to say about the food on campus.

“Recently there has been numerous people that have come to me and talk about how there has been hair in their food. In the past it was very rare but recently it has been a growing problem, we have received about three or four complaints within this month” said one of the SGA senates.

Jeff McKinley stated he would look into. However, he stated that all staff wears hair nets. As a student at Frostburg state University and a person that eats at these places I do see the staff wears hair nets on a daily.

“Why do they run out of the main food during late night? For example if they are having chicken quesadilla they run out of chicken and it’s nothing left but the tortillas and cheese. I don’t want that, we pay too much money out of pocket to deserve these crazy meals” said one of the students.

The Aramark director Jeff McKinley explained that he was sorry about that but they just hired a new chef from California and he/she just began last week. He said hopefully there will be more changes and he wants us to be able to talk to them. He said students should fill out the comment cards, come to the director dinners, or talk to them on Facebook and Twitter so that they know what to change or know what we do/do not like. Both of the directors were very nice and understanding and wanted to make changes for us. However, they needed to know what to change because without our voice they would not know.

After the Aramark discussion, organizations were asked to come up to ask for money for the cause that they thought was important. There were numerous organizations that came out and waited for the chance to speak to the SGA board and ask for money. Moreover, only three organizations were able to speak and receive a certain amount of money before the money was gone. After the third organization asked for money, there was not any more money left for SGA to give out to the other organizations. Some of the organizations that came out asked for money for certain events that were coming up during the spring 2013 semester.

The SGA meeting was very interesting. It also gave the Frostburg students a voice to talk about certain things that they wanted to speak upon. More students that have a problem with something that they do not like or want to compliment something that they enjoy should come out and speak at the SGA meetings. The SGA meetings are for the student body, therefor emore students should come out and express their voice in important matters.
By: Desiree Allison-Towson

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