Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blizzard of Bucks Was a Blizzard of Fun

The University Programming Council hosted Blizzard of Bucks, “The Original Crazy Game Show!”, on Wednesday, February 13, 2013, from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm.  The event was held at the Lane University Center Alice R. Manicur Assembly Hall.

ARMAH was transformed into a Hollywood-style game show with lights, music and audience participation.  Laughing, screaming and clapping filled the auditorium as contestants stuffed balloons in their overalls; used boxing gloves to put a pillow case on a pillow; and sucked candy with a straw from a large bowl and transported it to their opponent’s side and placed it on top of a straw inside a McDonald’s cup.  Like on the game show The Price Is Right, the audience cheered as the contestants walked to the stage and progressed through each game before time was up, vying to step into the “Incredible Money Machine” for a chance to win $500.

Nina Filipowich and Jason Hudy, hosted, the fast-paced event.  They kept the audience engaged and contestants on their feet, explaining and demonstrating the games rules and encouraging audience participation.

The games consisted of three rounds, with three games each round.  Contestants were eliminated in each round, until one person was left to face the winner of the preliminary games, Guy. 

After the elimination games were completed, Guy, was declared the winner again and entered the “Incredible Money Machine”.  Guy raced against time, grabbing swirling money and bundles at the bottom of the machine.  After 30 seconds in the money machine, Guy walked out with a little more than $50, in addition to his earlier winnings, totaling over $70.

There were no losers at Blizzard of Bucks.  Finalists went away with $20 cash and all contestants received a Blizzard of Bucks t-shirt.  Even the audience got the opportunity to win money.  Cash was given for the following: the person with a hole in his or her sock; the person wearing red fingernail polish; the person wearing an article of clothing with a Frostburg State University logo on it; and the person with a USB on the his or her key chain.

Travis, a junior business major, and contestant in the candy game, had this to say: "I like the Blizzard of Bucks program.  It was very insightful and it gave me the opportunity to get some extra cash."

Everyone was given the opportunity to go on stage and make money but only a few were willing to take that chance.  Was Travis nervous on stage?  "No.  It is mind over matter.  If you have a high self-esteem, there're no such thing as being nervous", he said.  His courage paid off literally.  "I made about $50-something-odd dollars", said Travis.

When asked why he chose to host Blizzard of Bucks as opposed to another event,  Robert “Coop” Cooper, Director of the University Programming Council, said, “We looked at our vendors and asked what event would be cool for the students.  We used them before and decided to go with them.”

Blizzard of Bucks is not only cool, fast-paced, wacky and fun, but simple to re-create.  Use or purchase inexpensive items, call family and friends and have your own blizzard of fun.  The following are the games played at Blizzard of Bucks:

Round One:

Game One
Fasten a belt with a basket and ball attached to a cord around your waist.  Crawl and toss the ball in the basket.  The last person to complete this game is eliminated.

Game Two
Walk to where your opponent is with balloons between your knees.

Game Three
Stuff balloons inside a pair of large pants.  Have someone pop and count the balloons when time is up to determine the winner. 

Round Two:

Game One
Attach a clear box with a hole in it with colored balls around your waist with the box facing the back.  Shake all .the balls out of the hole in the box.  The first person to empty the box wins.

Game Two

Take a pillowcase off and put it back on wearing boxing gloves.

Game Three

Take turns selecting an envelope off a stand.  Continue until an envelope with a picture of penny is shown.  The person who selects that envelope wins the game.

Round Three:

Game One

Hold and shuffle 39 red cups from the top to bottom until 1 blue cup is on top.

Game Two

Put headbands with pedometers around your forehead and shake your thirty seconds.  The person with the most number of “steps” win.

Game Three

You and your opponent walk back and forth balancing a tall stack of Frisbees and cups.  If your stack topples over, stack the Frisbees and cups, and continue walking toward your opponent.  Whoever reaches his opponent’s table first wins.

Final Elimination Games before Going into the Money Machine

Suck up three, same-color Skittles or M&Ms out of a large bowl of candy and walk to your opponent’s table.  Put the candies on top of three straws in three McDonald’s cups.    The person who puts all three candies onto the three straws first wins.

Flip clothespins in the air, catching them on a pizza pan.

In the final game, two contestants wear baseball caps (or any brim hat), pick up a tooth brush from a cup with the hat’s brim, walk to the opponent’s side and place the toothbrush in the opponent’s cup still using the hat’s brim.

Students interested in helping plan events like Blizzard of Bucks, should visit the University Programming Council Office, room 222, in the Lane Center. 

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