Sunday, March 9, 2014

Something that just might make you want to stay a little longer at Frostburg State University



        On Tuesday March 4, 2014 on the main floor of Annapolis Hall located on Frostburg's campus, there was a open Question and Answer session hosted and led by the Vice President of Student Support Services Dr. Tom L. Bowling in place for President Gibraltar in his absence. This informational forum and Q & A session was held to allow students and staff to ask any questions or voice any concerns they had pertaining to the University.

          A medium sized group of staff and students of different organizations , including members of the Student Government Association all gathered to .fellowship and discuss important issues surrounding the University. Pizza was served along with light refreshments. Dr. Tom Bowling is the longest serving Vice president at the Frostburg. He started by explaining " Black Out Day " as the time of the year when state schools are at their highest level of dependency for funding. Dr. Bowling went on to explain the additions and plans the university has in the coming years. More programs are supposed to be added in the growing Health Sciences field. Additional public safety buildings that can accommodate the staff ,equipment , vehicles etc. which is supposed to be located closer to the beginning of campus. Eventually all the current residence halls will be renovated along with the plan to build a new apartment style housing option to be built in place of what is currently Sand Springs Hall. All the departments, staff and offices located in what is currently Sand Springs  Hall will be moves to Pullen. Lastly, the re-paving of all the parking lots and new study abroad opportunities will be available.

       The most appealing change to students would probably be the new food company that the university has signed with, That's right no more AraMark. A new Mexican " Chipotle " style place by the name of Moe's Southwest Grill is supposedly entering the Lane Center. The replacement of Java City by either Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, or a Bagel Shop.

With all these new , exciting changes students did have concerns with how these changes might have possible effects. " With the new residence hall on campus wont that effect space on campus? " one student asked. Bowling quickly addressed this concern by saying, " No the space on campus won't be effected it will expand the campus and allow the other residence halls downhill on campus to be renovated more efficiently and will provide a place to displace students. There is a commitment to maintaining the upper quad and none of the new buildings will change perimeter parking.

A student asked if a garage parking unit will ever be built on campus. Bowling explained that covered parking versus uncovered parking suggest a significant difference in expense. Finally , he addressed the need for more recreational space. This in which he stated would have to come out the activity fee of students and since its geared toward athletics it would be lead by the Student Government Association .

This event was a good way to inform and enlighten students on things they may or may not have been aware of taking place on and around campus. These exciting changes and more in the near and upcoming future just might convince you to spend a little more time at Frostburg or make your stay a little bit more comfortable its definitely something to think about !

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