Saturday, March 1, 2014

Snow Tubing on the Mountain Top

Snow Tubing on the Mountain Top
By: Brandon Richardson, ENGL 336.001

“For those who never been you will fall in love with snow tubing,” said Frostburg State University undergraduate student Bernard Agyakwa at the end of Edgewood Commons Apartments annual snow tubing event on Wednesday, February 26. It was his first time, along with other students who attended the trip who fell in love with snow tubing. Bernard also later stated how he would come back to snow tube. “This trip always uplifts the resident’s spirits,” said Amare Armstrong. This statement was proven true by the reactions of everyone who went on the snow tubing trip.
            Edgewood Commons Hall Council sponsored the event. Hall Council is a student led organization that governs where the money of the student activity fee each resident pays within each respective hall will be spent. “Hall Council is a great platform to meet other residents in your dorm or apartment and if the programs are fun it builds communities,” said Resident Peer Mentor Mike Ojiere, who is one of the advisors for Edgewood Commons Hall Council. Hall Council was able to take nineteen residents to Wisp Ski Resort. Edgewood Hall Councils receives $300 each month for programming and purchasing new amenities for their building.
            Wisp Ski Resort is located in Mchenry off of Marsh hill road. Wisp is approximately 40 minutes away from Frostburg State University. The residents were eager to get there so they can have the maximum time allowed for snow tubing. Once they arrived to Wisp Ski Resort the residents faces lit up with so much happiness and excitement. “I can’t wait to go down the slope…I hope I go really fast,” said Taliyah Walker. Her friends agreed with her by shouting, “Edgewood in the house…We are about to go too fast down this mountain,”.
            Wisp Ski Resort was full of thrills and excitement. Once the participant picks out his or her tube the fun will soon commence. The only pitfall was the weather. “It feels like -30 degrees out here,” said Bernard Agyakwa. He commented more while shivering and breathing into his hands trying to become warm again.
            Snow tubing is suitable for all ages. Adults of any age can take part in the fun. The park opened in December 2001 with each lane being 750ft. long.  Make sure you dress appropriately with warm clothing. You do not need lessons to participant in this winter fun. It’s all the thrills of sledding without the long hike back up the hill.

  Snow tubing is one of the fastest growing winter sports in America because everyone can do it. All you have to do is hob in the tube and step on the Conveyor Carpets and up the mountain you go. With twelve lanes to slide down the fun never stops. Wisp Ski Resort has their own snowmaking and grooming machines to keep the lanes slick so you do not have to worry about going slow. Wisp’s Snow Tubing Park is one winter attraction you don’t want to miss!

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