Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friday Night Lights

            The YMCA of Cumberland, Maryland hosts a handful of recreational sports teams from soccer to basketball to volleyball; they even have their own cheerleading squad!
            Friday, February 28th at 7 in the evening, Unleashed (in pink) and #ABC (in green) took the field at the YMCA of Cumberland’s indoor soccer arena. These teams are part of the Y’s Adult Women’s Soccer League.  There are seven teams total made up of college age kids all the way up to moms. The teams signed up late December and play for about nine weeks. With the game starting a little late, the spectators were getting anxious. Included in the crowd waiting for the game to start were families, children, friends, and Delta Omicron supporting their sisters in this extremely close game. Throughout the first half, pink dominated the offensive line. The leading scorer was Jackie Boor who completed three goals in the first half alone. Along side her, Delta Omicron was there supporting Frostburg State senior, Kylie Oosterink, and Junior Chelsea Brotemarkle along with the rest of the Unleashed team. Brotemarkle and Boor played a forward striker position while Oosterink covered midfield. With many shots fired at the goal, the first half ends with the score 4-0, Unleashed.
            Catching up with Oosterink during halftime, she reveals, “It’s a lot tougher with out any subs!” Every player on Unleashed played the entire game due to some absent team members.  
            Talking with some of the spectators for the green team, it was noticed that most of them were mothers and had their young children there to support them. One father comments, “The kids love coming and they’re not even here for the game!” That really says something about the atmosphere of the YMCA. Children of mothers from both teams could be found playing together under the bleachers without a care in the world!
            Unleashed started the second half strong with Boor in the goal and everyone else in their previous positions. One member arrived late making Unleashed and #ABC even in number. Shortly after the start of the half, #ABC scored two quick, back-to-back goals. That didn’t stop Unleashed from playing their hearts out. Oosterink saw an opportunity and she ran with it, firing a ball hard to the back of the net. Team members on Unleashed enjoyed running around the field with their arms spread like wings to celebrate their recent goal. With the game coming to an end, the score was close. Unleashed, 5, #ABC, 3.  Spectators could see the excitement throughout all of the members on Unleashed as a win for them was within reach. With just four minutes to go, both teams had their game faces on; they were ready to work. Green had the ball which was quickly stolen by pink’s #3. GOAL for Unleashed!

            The buzzer buzzed to sound the end of the game. Players both pink and green lined up to congratulate each other on a good game. Coming off the field, a young lady from the green team comments to Oosterink, “You guys had a nice little cheering section! I loved the signs! Great game!” Oosterink thanked her and then turned and thanked her sisters and brothers for coming out to support herself and her fellow sister, Chelsea.

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